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Revolo Infotech is one of the best mobile app development companies in Kolkata. Our expert mobile app developers in Kolkata create dynamic apps for startups and enterprises alike, bridging the gap between your business and your digital audience. Rewire your business with a modern, tech-integrated, outlook with digital instruments like AI-powered applications, mCommerce, immersive user experiences, and AR/VR implementations. Establish your business in today's digital landscape with our state-of-the-art software and mobile application solutions.

  • Uniquely Customized features
  • Immersive, yet easy-to-use, UI
  • Compatible across all platforms
  • Easily scalable solutions
  • Robust backend engineering
  • Assured quality & support
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Our sincere gratitude to over 100 global clients, across multiple domains

360-degree IT Solutions from the best App Development Company in Kolkata

Unlock boundless potential with our mobile app development company in Kolkata. Our skilled team of developers, designers, and strategists brings your vision to life, crafting intuitive and high-performance apps that captivate users. Embrace innovative technologies and seamless UX/UI designs to elevate your brand. Partner with us to transform your ideas into cutting-edge digital solutions that drive business success.

Android AppDevelopment in Kolkata

Embark on a cutting-edge Android app journey! Our expert team harnesses Java and Kotlin prowess, crafting feature-rich apps tailored to your business needs. From intuitive UX/UI design to seamless integration of APIs, your app will shine on Android devices. Trust us to elevate your brand's mobile presence and engage your audience effortlessly.

iOS App Development in Kolkata

Unleash the power of iOS with IT solutions from the best app development company in Kolkata! Swift and Objective-C expertise fuel our creation of high-performance iOS apps. Immerse users in elegant designs and intuitive interfaces. Harness native functionalities, ARKit, and CoreML to deliver seamless experiences. Elevate your brand in the Apple ecosystem with our unrivaled solutions.

Hybrid App Development in Kolkata

Seamlessly blend the best of both worlds with our hybrid app prowess. Our developers master React Native and Flutter, crafting apps that run flawlessly on multiple platforms. With shared codebases, we ensure faster development and cost-effective solutions. Engage a broader audience and enjoy the perks of cross-platform compatibility.

Cross-Platform App Development in Kolkata

Break barriers and conquer multiple platforms with our cross-platform app expertise. We use Xamarin and Flutter to build dynamic apps that deliver native-like experiences across iOS and Android. Enjoy code reusability and accelerated time-to-market. Reach a wider audience and maximize your app's potential.

E-Commerce App Development in Kolkata

Unlock e-commerce success with our tailor-made app solutions. We implement secure payment gateways, user-friendly navigation, and personalized shopping experiences. Boost conversions with push notifications, in-app chat support, and social media integrations. Expand your business horizons and thrive in the competitive e-commerce landscape.

On-Demand AppDevelopment

Meet on-demand user expectations with our agile app solutions. Real-time tracking, seamless booking, and secure payments are just the beginning. Our developers excel in building scalable and robust on-demand apps for various industries. Create a disruptive on-demand platform and cater to the modern consumer demands.

App Gamification Development

Level up user engagement with our gamification expertise. We integrate gamified elements like rewards, badges, and challenges to make your app addictive. Our team excels in developing captivating games, boosting user retention and loyalty. Capitalize on the psychology of play and keep users coming back for more.

ERP Mobile App App Development in Kolkata

Empower your business with ERP on the go! Our ERP mobile apps streamline processes, enhance productivity, and offer real-time insights. Seamlessly manage resources, track inventory, and facilitate smooth operations from anywhere. With secure data handling and intuitive interfaces, we ensure an efficient and connected business ecosystem.

E-Learning App Development in Kolkata

Open new horizons in education with our advanced e-learning apps. Engage learners with interactive content and personalized learning paths. Harness cutting-edge technologies like AI-driven assessments and real-time progress tracking. Empower seamless offline access and gamified learning experiences. Unlock the potential of e-learning and create a dynamic platform for knowledge seekers.

Social Networking AppDevelopment in Kolkata

Connect the world with our stellar social networking apps. Foster meaningful interactions with chat features and multimedia sharing. Implement AI-powered algorithms for content personalization and user engagement. Ensure data privacy with robust security measures. Elevate social connectivity and captivate a vast user base with our bespoke solutions.

Payment & Wallet App Development

Redesign financial convenience with our secure payment and wallet apps. Facilitate hassle-free transactions, QR code payments, and P2P transfers. Implement multi-layer security protocols for user confidence. Enable seamless integration with banking and loyalty programs. Reinvent the way people handle their finances with our innovative app solutions.

PWA Development in Kolkata

Unleash the potential of progressive web apps with our expertise. Enjoy app-like experiences across devices without installation. Leverage offline capabilities and fast loading speeds. Implement push notifications for better user engagement. Our PWA solutions ensure cross-platform compatibility and improved SEO rankings.

UI/UX Designs for Mobile Apps

Transform app experiences with our captivating UI/UX designs. Craft intuitive interfaces and fluid navigations. Utilize data-driven insights for user-centric designs. Enhance brand identity with visually appealing aesthetics. Our designs prioritize user interactions and ensure a delightful mobile journey.

Mobile App Testing & QA

Ensure flawless app performance with our comprehensive testing and QA services. Cover functional, usability, and performance testing. Detect and fix bugs before launch. Validate app compatibility across devices and OS versions. Trust our meticulous approach to deliver top-notch, error-free apps.

AR/VR Mobile AppDevelopment

Immerse users in enchanting realities with our AR/VR apps. Unlock interactive experiences through augmented and virtual environments. Employ cutting-edge ARKit and ARCore technologies. Offer captivating 3D visuals and simulations. Redefine user engagement with our innovative AR/VR solutions.

AI/ML Mobile App Development in Kolkata

Embrace the future with our AI/ML-powered mobile apps. Leverage machine learning algorithms for predictive analytics and personalization. Enable AI chatbots for seamless customer support. Harness computer vision for image recognition capabilities. Stay ahead in the tech race with our AI/ML-driven innovations.

IoT App Development in Kolkata

Connect devices and revolutionize automation with our IoT apps. Enable smart home and industrial IoT solutions. Secure data transmission with encryption protocols. Monitor and control devices remotely. Experience a smarter, interconnected world with our cutting-edge IoT app developments.

Custom APIs & Development

Unlock seamless app functionality with our bespoke APIs and integrations. Tailor-made solutions for data synchronization, third-party services, and platform compatibility. Leverage RESTful APIs and GraphQL for efficient data exchange. Empower your app with enhanced capabilities and seamless user experiences.

Mobile AppSecurity

Shield your app with our robust mobile security measures. Implement end-to-end encryption, secure authentication, and data protection. Detect and mitigate vulnerabilities with regular security audits. Trust our comprehensive approach to safeguard your app and users from potential threats.

Wearable AppDevelopment

Enter the world of wearables with our cutting-edge app solutions. Connect devices for health monitoring, fitness tracking, and notifications. Craft intuitive UI for small screens and optimize battery consumption. Elevate user experiences with our innovative wearable app developments.

Mobile App Marketing & Promotion in Kolkata

Maximize app visibility and user acquisition with our strategic marketing approach. Targeted app store optimization (ASO) to boost downloads. Leverage social media campaigns and influencer marketing for wider reach. Our marketing expertise ensures your app's success in the competitive market.

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Mobile App Development Company in Kolkata with diverse domain expertise

Discover excellence in mobile app development with our seasoned team of experts. From healthcare to finance, e-commerce to education, we excel in diverse domains. Our app developers in Kolkata leverage cutting-edge technologies like Flutter and React Native to create tailor-made solutions that optimize processes and captivate users. Stay ahead in today's competitive market with our innovative and industry-specific mobile apps. Embrace the future of mobile technology with us.

Enterprise mobile app development company in Kolkata

Benefit from our renowned mobile app development services in Kolkata, trusted by a vast clientele. We specialize in crafting cutting-edge enterprise applications that optimize operations and boost productivity. Leveraging advanced technologies like Kubernetes for container orchestration and DevOps for seamless integration, we create scalable and secure solutions. Our enterprise apps seamlessly integrate with existing systems, supporting complex business processes and empowering organizations to thrive efficiently.

Effortless expansion capabilities
Live, actionable insights
Universal platform adaptability
Sophisticated data representation
Seamless integration with external APIs
Engaging and dynamic user interfaces
Robust data protection protocols
Futuristic predictive analysis features

Point-Of-Sale (POS) mobile app development company in Kolkata

Unleash the power of captivating customer-side apps with our expert team. We blend creativity and technology to craft high-performance, feature-rich mobile solutions. Our designers prioritize intuitive user experiences and visually appealing designs, while our developers ensure seamless functionality. From e-commerce and social networking to gaming, we excel at driving user engagement, fostering brand loyalty, and achieving measurable results for your business.

Smooth navigation experience
Customized content and user settings
Seamless social media connectivity
Enhanced search and filter options
Offline functionality and accessibility
Synchronized data across multiple devices
Smart and personalized recommendations
Integration with Internet of Things (IoT) gadgets

Hire a dedicated team of mobile app developers,IT consultants, & app designers in Kolkata

Explore boundless possibilities with our versatile mobile app development company in Kolkata. From Android and iOS app development to cross-platform and hybrid app solutions, we excel across diverse platforms and frameworks. Our skilled developers stay updated with cutting-edge trends and advancements, ensuring seamless integration of the most suitable technologies. Embrace high-performance, feature-rich, and user-friendly apps that elevate your business to new heights.

Hire Python developers

Unlock dynamic web and app solutions with our Python experts. Harness Django and Flask for robust web development. Embrace NumPy and SciPy for data analysis. Leverage the power of Pandas for efficient data processing. Trust our Python developers to create scalable, AI-driven applications with ease.

Hire PHP developers

Transform your web experiences with our skilled PHP developers. Utilize Laravel and CodeIgniter for feature-rich web applications. Seamlessly integrate databases with MySQL and MongoDB. Rely on PHP experts to build dynamic e-commerce platforms and interactive web solutions.

Hire JavaScript developers

Elevate user experiences with our proficient JavaScript developers. Craft interactive and responsive websites using React and Angular. Embrace Node.js for efficient server-side scripting. Trust our expertise in jQuery and Vue.js for seamless web interactions.

Hire React Native developers

Bring your app ideas to life with our React Native wizards. Develop cross-platform mobile apps with a single codebase. Utilize Expo for faster development and smooth deployment. Benefit from native-like UI/UX experiences.

Hire Xamarin developers

Experience the power of Xamarin with our talented developers. Build native iOS and Android apps with shared codebase. Utilize Xamarin.Forms for faster app development. Enhance performance with native API integrations.

Hire Flutter developers

Embrace the future of app development with our Flutter experts. Develop visually stunning and performant apps for Android and iOS. Leverage Dart for a reactive and expressive coding experience. Trust Flutter for seamless cross-platform app development.

Hire WordPress developers

Enhance your online presence with our skilled WordPress developers. Create stunning websites with customizable themes and plugins. Utilize WooCommerce for powerful e-commerce solutions. Rely on our expertise in Gutenberg and Elementor for dynamic web experiences.

Hire Shopify developers

Excel in e-commerce with our Shopify specialists. Customize Shopify themes for a unique brand identity. Utilize Shopify APIs for seamless integrations. Trust our developers to build scalable and secure e-commerce platforms.

Hire MongoDB Experts

Experience the power of MongoDB with our proficient developers. Harness NoSQL databases for flexible and scalable solutions. Benefit from efficient data handling and real-time analytics. Trust our MongoDB experts to optimize data-driven applications.

Hire Kotlin Developers

Unlock versatile Android apps with our expert Kotlin developers. Utilize Android Studio and Gradle for robust app development. Harness Kotlin's concise syntax and null safety features for efficient coding. Benefit from Coroutines for asynchronous programming. Trust our Kotlin experts to create high-performance, feature-rich, and user-friendly Android applications.

Hire Swift Developers

Transform data into insights with our AI/ML engineers. Utilize TensorFlow and PyTorch for advanced machine learning models. Benefit from natural language processing with NLTK and spaCy. Leverage scikit-learn for data analysis and predictive modeling. Trust our AI/ML engineers to develop intelligent and data-driven applications.

Hire DevOps Professionals

Streamline your software development lifecycle with our DevOps professionals. Utilize Jenkins and Git for continuous integration and delivery. Harness Docker and Kubernetes for containerization and scalable deployments. Benefit from automated testing and monitoring for seamless operations. Trust our DevOps experts to optimize your development process.

Hire Firebase Developers

Experience the power of Firebase with our skilled developers. Leverage Firebase Realtime Database for responsive and collaborative apps. Utilize Firebase Authentication for secure user sign-ins. Benefit from Firebase Cloud Messaging for effective push notifications. Trust our Firebase developers for feature-rich and real-time applications.

Hire Ionic Developers

Create stunning cross-platform apps with our Ionic developers. Utilize Angular for robust app development. Leverage Ionic Native plugins for seamless native API integrations. Benefit from Ionic's UI components for visually appealing designs. Trust our Ionic developers to deliver high-performance and interactive apps.

Hire JavaFX Experts

Enhance your desktop and mobile apps with our JavaFX experts. Utilize JavaFX Scene Builder for intuitive UI designs. Benefit from JavaFX's rich set of UI controls and 3D graphics. Trust our JavaFX experts to create visually stunning and user-friendly applications.

Hire Magento Experts

Elevate your e-commerce platform with our Magento experts. Utilize Magento's customizable themes and extensions for unique brand experiences. Harness Magento's SEO-friendly features for better search visibility. Benefit from secure payment gateway integrations. Trust our Magento experts to deliver a scalable and feature-rich e-commerce platform.

Hire React VR developers

Immerse users in virtual reality with our React VR developers. Create stunning 360-degree experiences using React 360. Utilize WebVR for seamless cross-platform VR development. Benefit from interactive and immersive web applications. Trust our React VR developers to redefine user engagement with cutting-edge VR experiences.

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Flexible app development project in Kolkata with Agile development methodology

Step 1

Sprint Planning

Plan short iterations, defining goals and tasks for team members. Prioritize features for development and establish a clear roadmap for the sprint, promoting focused and achievable objectives.

Step 2

Daily Stand-ups

Conduct brief daily meetings, enabling team members to share progress updates and address any roadblocks. Facilitate open communication, promoting synergy and collaboration among team members.

Step 3

Continuous Development

Embrace an iterative approach, delivering small, functional increments regularly for rapid progress and frequent testing. This ensures early detection of issues and facilitates faster feedback incorporation.

Step 4

Customer Feedback

Proactively involve customers throughout development, seeking their timely feedback and insights. Aligning with their expectations leads to customer satisfaction and enhances the final product's relevance.

Step 5

Iterative Improvements

Regularly evaluate development processes, identifying areas for enhancement and productivity gains. Iterative improvements facilitate continuous learning and the delivery of superior software solutions.

Step 6


Conduct reflective sessions at the end of each sprint, analyzing successes and challenges. Implement insights gained from retrospectives to optimize future development cycles.

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Why Choose Revolo Infotech For Your Mobile App Development Project?

Timely Delivery

We understand the value of time and adhere to strict timelines. Our efficient project management ensures on-time delivery, allowing you to launch your app and capitalize on market opportunities promptly.

Transparent Communication

Open and transparent communication is the foundation of our client relationships. We keep you informed throughout the development process, ensuring clarity and alignment with your vision and goals.

Quality Assurance

Quality is non-negotiable for us. Our rigorous testing and quality assurance processes guarantee bug-free and reliable apps, providing users with a seamless and satisfying experience.


We build apps with scalability in mind, anticipating future growth and demands. Our solutions can effortlessly handle increased user traffic and data volume as your business expands.

Competitive Pricing

Our cost-effective pricing ensures maximum value for your investment. We offer flexible pricing models tailored to your project scope and budget, without compromising on quality and excellence.

Client-Centric Approach

Your needs are our priority. We actively listen to your requirements, concerns, and feedback, tailoring our services to match your specific business objectives and preferences.

Post-Launch Support

Our commitment extends beyond the launch. We provide comprehensive post-launch support and maintenance services to ensure your app's smooth functioning and continuous improvement.

Industry Expertise

We have a deep understanding of various industries, enabling us to develop apps that align with your niche requirements and address the unique challenges of your business domain.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Mobile App Development in Kolkata

The cost of mobile app development varies based on factors like complexity, features, platform, and developer rates. It can range from a few thousand to several hundred thousand dollars.
To choose a mobile app development company, consider their expertise, portfolio, client reviews, communication, pricing, and ability to deliver projects on time.
Starting a mobile app development project involves defining your app idea, conducting market research, creating wireframes and designs, choosing the right technology stack, and collaborating with a development team.
Yes, there is money in mobile app development. Successful apps with high user engagement and monetization strategies can generate significant revenue through app purchases, in-app purchases, subscriptions, ads, or sponsorships.
While some app development platforms offer free plans, creating a fully functional and professional app typically involves costs like app store fees, domain hosting, and possibly hiring developers or designers.
Apps make money through various monetization models like in-app purchases, subscriptions, advertisements, affiliate marketing, and data monetization. Each model depends on the app's niche, target audience, and revenue strategy.
The mobile app business can be profitable, but success depends on factors like app idea, execution, target market, competition, and effective monetization strategies.
Almost every industry benefits from mobile apps. Industries like e-commerce, healthcare, finance, entertainment, education, travel, and on-demand services have a higher demand for mobile apps.
The first step in app development is defining a clear app idea and conducting market research to validate its potential. Understanding user needs and preferences is crucial for successful development.
The revenue generated from 1,000 app downloads can vary significantly based on the app's monetization strategy and user engagement. On average, it can range from a few dollars to several hundred dollars.
Apps make money through various monetization models like in-app purchases, subscriptions, advertisements, affiliate marketing, and data monetization. Each model depends on the app's niche, target audience, and revenue strategy.
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