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Our team of highly trained professionals will help take your business to the web and help it reach online audiences effectively. Work with us to get all the insights and expertise you need to engage online audiences.

Custom Software Development

High-end custom software development solutions tailored to your business needs are available with us. At Revolo Infotech, our solutions, empowered with advanced technology, ensure expertise, innovation, and reliability. From logistics to finance, we build software for any industry you belong to. Let us develop the software you need.

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IT Outsourcing

We help you meet your company needs with a reliable and dedicated workforce. With their skills and experience, Revolo Infotech experts find out the best talents that ensure quality at work. A cost-effective and highly scalable IT outsourcing opportunity is available now.

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Software Products

As a leading name in the IT industry, Revolo Infotech offers first-class customized software products with the best features. Our well-organized team of software developers, architects, and project managers, ensures to provide updated software solutions to your business problems.

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Digital Marketing Services

We are a digital marketing company that helps our clients achieve revolutionary growth. We provide excellent digital marketing services!

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Mobile Apps Development

Considering the increasing number of mobile users, our experts at Revolo Infotech build user-friendly, top-quality mobile applications for iOS and android both. Whether it is a native iOS app, Android application, or hybrid app- we use our skills and knowledge to develop applications with your preferred customized options so that it aligns with your business vision.

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Web Apps Development

Let us transform your unique business ideas into well-performing web applications developed under expert supervision. Our team of qualified and skilled web developers at Revolo Infotech ensures to resonate your brand voice with the web application development.

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What we do for you

Key Features

App Development

Expert consultation

We use industry insights and experience to correctly implement ideas, without the need for years of experimentation! We know the right technology, techniques, and strategies that can be used.

App Development

Future Proof

Whether it is Blockchain technology, Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision, AI-Driven chatbots, Data-Science, Machine Learning, or Artificial Intelligence: We have it covered.

App Development

Secure & Encrypted

We follow extremely high standards of security and encryption. Our data storage is highly secure and automatically backed up. Data is always confidential with us.

App Development

API Integrations

We have automated several workflows in several projects by gathering information from 3rd party applications automatically, using APIs. With APIs, we reduce data entry, provide quicker response times, and automate workflows.

Who We Are

About Us

Revolo has a diverse clientele- from Multinationals to Startups; from diverse industries with everything between Manufacturing, Finance, News, Healthcare, Logistics; from IT products to IT services.

We are very fascinated by how Information Technology changes everything, and how it shapes the world. That’s why we strive to be the front-runners of the IT sector.

After working with hundreds of clients globally, ranging from corporates to startups- we have insights into what problems you are facing at what stage of your business. We solve these problems using technology.

Once you partner with Revolo Infotech, we become an extended part of your team to take all your tech decisions for you - from creating the architecture to actually implementing it, testing it, and deploying it.




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Our FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions

How’s working with Revolo Infotech different from working with other companies or freelancers?

3 things are very important to us: Estimating Project timelines accurately, having rigorous quality control processes and innovating to create amazing solutions. We built our company around systems that prioritize these 3 things more than anything. We have experts from different domains with well-defined processes to take care of your every need. When we work together, the process will be smooth, and we will develop the best processes for your ideas.

How long will it take? I have a strict and stringent timeline.

For large projects where the scope might not be well-defined, we focus on building a Minimum Viable Product and then gather market feedback to guide the direction of development. For projects with a known scope of work, we work on the parallel development of multiple modules to reduce the time required. We provide accurate timelines after understanding your idea, and we deliver small chunks of the project as soon as they are developed so that you can get started with implementing your idea. This way, you don’t have to wait until all the development is completed. Thereafter, we deliver the final product in the timeline that has been discussed with you.

I don’t know much about development! How will I understand the progress of my work when Revolo is developing a software/ App for me?

Our project coordinators will communicate with you on a daily basis to keep you updated with the progress. We will have weekly demonstrations with your team to further understand the direction in which the development is going. We will also provide you with access to our internal systems so that you can view the development plans, the developers that are working on your project, tasks that they are working on, architecture, data flow, and all the details of the project. Moreover, you will see us achieving the timelines that we gave you so that you don’t have to worry about all the other things.

Is my data secure with Revolo?

Yes, it is secure. We follow several security standards like encryption and other security strategies that we have worked on for several years. We also have a state-of-the-art backup system that allows automatic backups every 6 hours. We strictly follow Non-Disclosure for any data, and we abide by stringent security and privacy policies that have allowed us to work with several financial corporations and multinationals. All your ideas are safe with us.

I want access to the code written. Is that possible?

Yes! It’s possible. But you’ll never need it because we are always there to service your every requirement. We want to be the only technology company you will ever deal with so that you can leave all your tech to us and handle your Operations. We are the technology partner to several corporates and startups because we can get it done better and cheaper than you’d be able to with a tech team.

What’s it going to cost? Should I worry about any hidden costs?

We will tell you all the costs upfront when we discuss your idea. There will be no hidden costs and you will be given an estimate for the project at the start of the project. We have systems that allow us to be extremely effective and efficient to bring your costs down, and with our development experience, you will receive the best development services available. We can also discuss different strategies to bring down the costs of implementing your idea, and we will use the best practices to bring your long-term costs of Operations and Implementation down.

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Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us


We have a successful track record of quick and efficient development. We have industry experts supported with our robust systems to allow the timely delivery of excellent solutions.


We have experience in working on several global projects using various different technologies. Our experienced developers, business analysts, and IT experts can suggest industry-best processes during the execution of your idea.

Efficient Pricing

We have different pricing models available for different projects. Based on your requirements, we can have pricing for dedicated teams, hourly pricing, or fixed pricing for projects with a well-defined scope of work.

Time zones

Since we are globally partnered with several clients, we have various processes to manage work in different time zones. From collaborating in overlapping hours to having automated updates through our systems, we have you covered.

No set-up costs

We have already set up a robust IT architecture so that you don’t have to face additional set-up costs for servers, development, etc. We start working immediately after our contracts are finalized.

We take care of everything

You don’t need to work with 10 different teams related to technology. We do it all: Software, Mobile apps, Digitization, Front-end, back-end, UI-UX, AI, ML, Deployment, Testing, and everything else.


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