Agriculture Software Development

Our agriculture software developers have deep knowledge and a vast experience in engineering agri-software for different subdomains of agribusiness—land farming, aqua farming, agronomy, livestock, mill production, irrigation & fertilizer management, crop health assessment, etc. Our software developers are knowledgeable in the fundamentals of agriculture production flows—and technologies like AI, ML, data science, automation & robotics, IoT, etc, that dominate the industry.

  • Land & soil management
  • Aquaculture management
  • Agri-asset assessment
  • Farm management
  • Smart farming
  • UAV Software
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Our sincere gratitude to over 100 global clients and partners, across multiple domains

Software solutions to Digitize your Agriculture management processes

Agriculture mapping & imaging solutions

Hire expert software developers for your agribusiness to engineer various mapping and imaging solutions. We have engineers with sharp skills in AI development, AR/VR integrations, and digital imaging & communications. Maximize your yield and productivity with modern AgriTech solutions like land mapping & GPS, 3D field designing.

Agriculture R&D & planning solutions

With our unique software development services, we can engineer business-specific planning solutions. Establish an efficient production flow with relevant agriculture planning software. We can develop planning software like crop planning, safety planning, operations planning, livestock planning, farm infrastructure planning, and more.

Agriculture tracking & monitoring

Get experienced software engineers from our IT development team to build tracking & monitoring solutions for your agriculture business. Our engineers are proficient in knowledge areas like IoT, robotics & automation, predictive analysis, and AI. Hire our developers to build solutions like smart controllers and sensor software, Aquaculture tracking & monitoring systems, livestock tracking, farm monitoring, soil monitoring, etc.

Agriculture management systems

Robust management systems are important to the efficient organization of any business. Our software developers have engineered effective management systems for different domains—with unique features for each domain. Get management systems for various Agriculture subdomains like—land management, livestock management, farm management, aquaculture management, cattle management, irrigation management, agronomy management, and labour management.

Precision Agriculture solution

Hire dedicated agriculture software developers to engineer precision solutions for your Agribusiness. Develop agri-software solutions like precision farming apps, harvesting & crop management, decision support systems, agriculture data analytics, agriculture software integrations, personalized soil sensor software, agriculture ERP applications, and more.

Agriculture inventory software

Our software development team has rich experience in building inventory management systems for various businesses. Our developers can personalize the inventory management modules uniquely to fit the specific requirements of various business domains and subdomains. Develop livestock inventory software, farm inventory management software, fish farm inventory system, and more.

Accounting software for agriculture

Deploy software developers, skilled in finance and accounting software development, to your agri-software development project. Develop modern, automated, and insightful agriculture accounting solutions to augment your revenue cycle management, billing, accounting, and reporting. We can build robust accounting systems with integrations to popular third-party accounting software of your choice.

Data-analysis tools for agriculture

We maintain an extensive team of software developers with expertise in machine learning development and data science. We can build advanced data-analysis solutions for your agriculture business that churn out productive insights & predictions to facilitate your planning, operations, monitoring, and maintenance. Develop analytics solutions like agronomy data analytics, predictive maintenance, aquaculture data analysis tools, etc.

POS solutions for agriculture

Develop performant point-of-sale and dispensary solutions for your agribusiness. Hire our dedicated agriculture developers to grow the digital retail front of your agribusiness. Our engineers can build modern POS solutions like dispensary POS systems, dispensary CRM solutions, agriculture e-Commerce & marketplace, and mobile POS applications.

Drone software development

Hire our senior software developers to build state-of-the-art drone software for agriculture. Drone software development in agriculture provides superior and accurate tracking, monitoring, and asset assessment. With our drone development, automation, and IoT expertise, we can integrate your software with various electromagnetic, acoustic, and optical sensors. Develop features like remote asset health assessment, crop health evaluation, drone field mapping, UAV data processing, UAV aerial scouting, and UAV-aided smart farming solutions.

Safety compliance software

It is mandatory for an agribusiness to be safety compliant. Develop food safety and compliance solutions to preserve environmental health and promote sustainability. Engineer software features to make your agribusiness compliant with various food safety, environmental, and health regulatory standards. Develop features like hazard resolution planning, safety traceability solutions, environmental sustainability systems, safety compliance reports, quality control & standardization systems, etc.

Weather prediction & monitoring

Weather plays a critical role in affecting agribusiness. Hire our team of software developers to build data-intensive digital solutions that monitor weather data and process accurate predictions. Deploy our IoT, data science, and AI skills to your agri-software project—engineer precision weather management solutions—and fine-tune your operations flow and infrastructure to tackle weather fluctuations.

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Diverse Engineering services for logistics management

At Revolo, you will find a diverse range of engineering solutions to benefit your Agriculture business. All our solutions are tailor-made to specifically fit your agriculture subdomain and unique business needs. Starting from features selection and module hierarchy to resource planning, SDK selection, and choice of integration—everything will be absolutely customized.

Web app development

Our agriculture software developers have a wealth of expertise and knowledge in developing web management systems, smart controller web apps, and data analysis web apps for various agribusiness processes. We build scalable, feature-rich, and high-speed web applications—with personalized integrations.

Enterprise software development

Our software development company can engineer robust, reliable, efficient, and secure enterprise resource planning software for different agriculture processes and businesses. Boost your productivity and optimize your production flow with our Enterprise agriculture software!

Mobile App Development

We have dedicated mobile developers for engineering mobile agriculture applications. Our developers are thorough with all the industry-standard techniques and technologies for developing native, hybrid, and cross-platform mobile applications

Logistics DevOps solutions

We have a rich team of software engineers and DevOps professionals to provide round-the-clock IT operations services. Our engineers are adept at serving clients from multiple domains, including agriculture, with solutions from various DevOps platforms like AWS, Azure, GCP, Docker, Heroku, Firebase, Kubernetes, GitHub, Trello, Asana, and more.

Custom Database configurations

Get customized database solutions for your agribusiness software with different databases like MySQL, PostgreSQL, NoSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, MongoDB, MariaDB, IBM Db2, Oracle, and more.

Agriculture software modifications

Our software developers can help you scale your business with functionality modifications, process automation, modern integrations, and resource optimization. Our expert developers can restructure your UI hierarchy to simplify the interface. We can re-engineer your backend and frontend with the latest technologies. And, we can build new microservices and integrations for your agri-software.

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Agriculture software development for different agri-subdomains

Land farming


Farm production




Agriculture software development with frontline technologies

Our developers are always implementing the latest and frontline technologies to innovate solutions that stand out from your competitors.
Our agriculture software company has developers experienced in engineering AI-powered functionalities for diverse business domains. In agriculture software development we can employ AI for agri-software features like irrigation automation, smart farming, fertilizing automation, land 3D image processing, etc.
Global clients have been benefiting from our experienced AI developers and their Machine learning skills. In agriculture software development machine learning can provide predictive data analysis for features like weather prediction, asset health assessment, crop assessment, farm planning insights, aquaculture & agriculture data analysis, etc.
We have developers who have been associated with blockchain since the early days of blockchain technology. Our blockchain developers have engineered numerous smart contracts for various cryptocurrencies like Bitcoins, Ethereum, Stablecoins, ICOs, IOTA, etc. We can comfortably build decentralized agriculture mobile and web applications using any blockchain framework, tool, and development environment of your choice.
The Internet of Things is one of the most crucial technologies for engineering modern integrated functionalities in agribusiness software. Our agriculture developers have successfully completed many projects that include IoT integrations. IoT-integrated features add great value to development areas like aerial supervision, land mapping, UAV software development, and smart sensor development.
Voice-enabled features are trending in almost every business domain—especially for their ability to augment user experience and convenience. Our developers have significant experience in engineering software and applications that include voice-enabled functionalities like instructions, authentications, and confirmations.

Employing optimized tech resources

Our software engineers are skilled in all the latest programming languages, development frameworks, libraries & plugins, and developer tools. With our diverse skillset, we will always assort the most optimized development toolkit for your agriculture business.

Agile steps of mobile app development

Step 1

Hire dedicated Developers

We thoroughly discuss and analyze your business requirements. We formally document your requirements to build the foundation for all further developments.

Step 2

Planning & scheduling your project

Based on your requirements we optimize the resources and recommend a relevant development model. We also suggest a thorough project schedule that includes estimates, timelines, and activity iterations.

Step 3

Designing & Development

The designing phase is where we define the architecture of your product and start defining its look and feel. The development phase is where our app developers code the design into a working application .

Step 4

Quality Analysis & Testing

We put your software through a rigorous quality check and debugging process to ensure a stable build for your software.

Step 5


We provide a flexible delivery model. We can commit the code and deliver the solution and let you take over the deployment. Or, we can push it to a secure and high-speed production server.

Step 6

Maintenance & Support

We put your software through a rigorous quality check and debugging process to ensure a stable build for your software.

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